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F, J and Space

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First Lesson: F, J and Space Practices

This is the first lesson of the typing tutorial. In this lesson you will learn about using the "Left Hand INDEX FINGER on F button " of the keyboard and "Right Hand INDEX Finger on J button" of the keyboard.

Before typing start you have options on the page to mute or unmute sound while typing. You can also increase your time by selecting time from select box. There is also a kyboard hide and show options. By default page shows the keyboard but you can hide it by selecting No options.

When you press the cursor on the box "Start typing here" then a sentence with different words combined with F and J letters words comes into the screen. After the word lenght finished then you have to press space bar and cursor moves automatically to next word of the sentences.

While typing move your finger away from and then back your fingers on the home row of the keyboard thats because your finger needs to learn to move to the right keys without your eyes directing on the keyboard. Home row will be the referene point from which you will learn the positions of all other key on the keyboar. While you are not typing always return your fingers to the home key of the keyboard.