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FastHindiTyping.com is an online Tool to convert/transliterate one languages into another languages accoarding to your need.Our Online Typing tool which will definetely make your daily life easy. 
Our online language typing tool  have various  features. Some of the language typing are listed below. You can Try our Fast Typing Tool from the below link:

Here is the Example:
Lets say to want to type in Hindi from English Keyboard, then it should go like this: 
If you type Kya haal hae? , Output will be  क्या हाल है ?

You can try desired language from the link below:

Our Online Translator tool can converts one language to another with just one click. You just need select Input language and output language and click translate.  You will get the content converted to your desired  language. Simple as that.

We also have some amazing tools and games which will help you to skill your typing speed.
You can try them from below Link:



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