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Importance of Communication

In general way communication can perform by two way 

1. Voice/ Speech

2. Writing/ Typed

Every activity of our lives is communication of a sort but it is through Speech or writing that man asserts his distinctiveness from other form of life. It is through the quality of his speech, writing  and fast typing that he best expresses his own individuality, his essence. When he/she is unable to say clearly what he means, due to either nervousness, timidity or foggy thought process, his personality is blocked off, dimmed out or misunderstood.

Business, Social and personal satisfaction depend heavily on a person's ability to communicate clearly to his fellowmen, what he is, what he desires and what he believes in.

The ability to speak is a short cut to distinction. It put a man in the limelight, raises his head and shoulders above the crowd and the man who can speak acceptably is usually given credit for an ability all out of proportion to what he really possesses.

Tips for Communication

Following things should be known to the writer about their audience .

  • Age - It is one of the important factor which is speaker should always keep in mind. What is favourite of audience of age 20 will be different from that of age 70.
  • education level -  you should find out whether you are going to speak before school going children for college students for managers with master degree accordingly you can alter the content and the language or style of speaking.
  • Occupation - What does your audience do for living. if they share similar job try to connect your topic to their jobs. it is one of the ideal way to attract audience attention because it is something very much related to them
  • Gender - It is important to know the gender balance of the audience. Though  the gender difference is diminishing in the today's world but it should always be kept in mind for if you are speaking in front of all female audience you should avoid using examples from sports.
  • Marital Status -  Married and unmarried groups have different value and motivations. for example, if you're illustration has something to do with child rearing then unmarried audience may not be receptive to eat at all.
  • Cultural Background - In a diverse country like that of our there are few things we should keep in mind if we find audience predominant Lee of one religion, caste or culture provide stereo typing as it may be taken as an offence.
  • Hobbies/ Interest - If the audience are members of some art club etc you can assume their hobbies to be same relating in some way to their interest will be an added advantage.