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Official Language of Nepal

Nepali is an Official Language of Nepal and a National Identity for Millions of Nepalese People

Nepal’s Constitution declares Nepali as the official language and a fundamental element of national identity.

The Nepalese Constitution, Article 12 (1) states that “Nepali shall be the national language”.

Nepali is spoken by 91% of the population and is understood by the majority of people in Nepal.

It is vital to preserve this rich heritage for future generations and keep alive one of Nepal's most important links to its past, as well as a signifier of what may be one day a renewed sense of national unity for all Nepalese people.

Easy Ways to Type Nepali Using Your Computer or Mobile Phone

The goal of this section is to introduce easy ways to type in Nepali using a computer or mobile phone.

The Nepali script is an abugida, which basically means that consonant-vowel sequences are written as one unit with the vowel inherent in the consonant, and vowels have no inherent letter of their own. The base letters for English characters are used and "k" and "kh" can be used interchangeably for ཀ.

How to Type in Nepali Easily?

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How to Type in Nepali With Your Phone or Computer

The Best Way to Type in Nepali

Nepalese people use an unique keyboard known as "Kohan" which is a set of keys that are arranged in a way to make it easier for Nepalese people to type.

The Kohan layout is not the same as the English QWERTY layout. The Kohan layout has some letters of the alphabet in different places and some letters have two or three characters. This makes it difficult for Nepali people to learn how to type in English and other languages, but they can type in Nepali easily with this keyboard.

Why Typing in Nepali is Important for Your Career and Personal Life

Typing in Nepali language is important for your career and personal life.

Nepali is the official language of Nepal. The country has a population of around 27 million and Nepali is spoken by over half the population. It's also one of the six scheduled languages used in India, where it has a significant number of speakers.

In this section, we will learn about:

- Why typing in Nepali is important?

Nepal is the largest country in the Himalayan region, with an area of 56,827 square kilometers. People of different races live in Nepal and Nepali is the main language spoken by majority. As a result, many people are not able to type Nepali on their computer.